About Treats

Treats – One of the Best restaurants in Cayman 

Treats  Restaurant is an ideal place to start your day. We welcoming you the place to enjoy the bright, colorful and airy atmosphere and the staff are always efficient and happy to take your unique order.

Treats offers the following choices seven days a week:

Whether you are looking for a breakfast, lunch or would like to drop in for a coffee or dessert — Treats is Trip Advisor’s  certified among  Cayman restaurants  , we ready to meet your needs and provide you with the highest quality for your ultimate satisfaction.

We are also health conscious — offering smoothies, juices and fruit platters.   But for those with a big appetite, the Meat lovers, English or American Breakfast is a great way to kick start your morning with fresh Squeezed orange juice with $5.95!!

Browse through our Photo Galleries  to see examples of our mouth-watering creations.

Treats Bakery

Treats has been a proud producer of great tasting cakes – from a full range of chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, sugarless, diabetic cakes, Vegan cakes, Egg less, nuts free cake for  birthday, anniversary, valentines wedding anniversary cakes or any special occasion cakes to assorted pastries ,cupcakes, cookies, home made chocolates and home made breads creating unique taste sensations and customized products to meet each client’s needs. Breads also available for vegans.

Private Catering / Events 

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or friends or a formal corporate event, treats restaurant can help you with your step! We cater to private parties and large functions such as weddings, holiday parties and business conferences. At Treats, we know that every event is special.

We will make memories that you and your guests will savor for years to come. Come and join us.   Get standalone taste of  Restaurants in seven mile beach …We look forward to treating you to the best!  So


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