Beverages Menu

 Cold Beverages 
Italian Soda $1.75
Pomegranate, Strawberry, French Vanilla
ICED TEA $1.75
Ginger Spice, Cinnamon
Milk and Ice Cream blended Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla
Lemonade, Real Fruit Pulp Served frozen (Strawberry, Mixed Berries.)
 Special Coffees 
Cappuccino $3.95
Classic Cream, Hazelnut Cream, Cinnamon Delight, Ginger Spice
LATTE $3.95
Classic Vanilla, Irish Cream, Skinny Caramel, Hazelnut Bliss, Gingerbread
MOCHA $3.95
Irish Cream, Raspberry Truffle, Classic White Chocolate, Black n’ White
Classic Vanilla, Crème de Mint, White Chocolate Raspberry
 Alcholic Beverage 
Beers $4.25
Heniken, Budweiser, Red stripe, Corona, Miller light.
Wine $5.50
House red or white wine
 Non – Alcholic Beverages 
Juices $2.50
Orange, Cranberry,Apple, Grape fruit, Pineapple & tomato
Fresh Orange juice — $5.50
Strawberry delight $5.50
Fresh strawberries with soy or Fat free yougurt
Tropical fruit punch $3.00
Root beer float $3.00
Fruit O Rama $5.50
Medley of Fresh fruits add juice & Milk
Milk shakes $4.50
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mango, caramel, Irish cream.
Add Protein $1.25
Smoothies $4.50
Banana, strawberry, Blueberry, mango
Add Protein $1.25
Pelegrino Sparkling Water $5.50
Aquafina Bottled water $1.50
 Hot Beverages 
Cappuccino $3.95
Hot or frozen
Latte or Chai Latte $3.50
Machiato $3.00
Espresso $1.95
Double Espresso $2.50
Herbal tea $1.95
Add flavour $.50
Freshly Brewed Coffee $1.95