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Since 2004 our talented Bakery Team Members as well as Owners/partners Mr.Hameed, Mr.Raj will gladly decorate cakes for any occasion. With 2 days notice, our decorators will work with you to create a special, personalized cake for your event. We use all-natural Food colorings and have a variety of decorations to choose from. If you need a cake at a moment’s notice, just stop in, pick out a cake from our Bakery case and have a Bakery Team Member write a message on it while you wait.

Signature Cakes:

Our Signature Cakes are sinfully delicious and available any time to appeal to your sweet tooth. At Signature Cakes every cake has a thoughtful soul. Cakes are not only for celebrations but also to bond family relationships. A cake served on a happiest day of your life is made special signature Cakes. Choose your favorite flavor from our varieties list and personalize to your hearts content with your message and decoration.

  • Images to cakes are available and up depending on level of skill required. Please allow up to 5 days for all orders.
  • Place were cakes are made with passion and special touch to compliment your special occasions and celebrations.
  • Specializing in handmade sugar flowers, fondant decorations and custom designed cakes from simply elegant to detailed multi-tiered cakes.

For colorful designs, color dye will be added to achieve the color requested. Color dye variations can lead to temporary discoloration upon consumption.

Vegan Cakes:

Many vegetarians and vegans often miss out on cakes because they are made with eggs. Even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, eggless cakes can be a healthy – yet incredibly tasty – alternative. Eggless Sponge Cake using eggless flour. This Eggless cake is great for vegetarians and vegan

Many a vegetarian loses out on the pleasure of pastries and western desserts because of the presence of egg in those recipes. Here is a way out for them… a way into the world of cakes! Our vegan cakes are made without dairy, eggs or any animal by product. Choose between carrot, chocolate fudge or vanilla

Vegan cakes: Vegan vanilla layers with your choice of vegan frosting (Whip Topping) or Seasonal fresh fruits as a filling. No dairy (egg optional)

Egg less : “As the name suggests, this cake is made without eggs”, It made up of using egg-less flour, egg is replaced.

Gluten free: Gluten-free vegan batter (without dairy and eggs) behaves differently than wheat batter. It is generally stickier, and thicker than standard batter.

Dairy free: Dairy free cakes made up of non-dairy ingredients, where eggs are optional, cake layers with your choice of frosting (Whip Topping) or Seasonal fresh fruits as a filling. All of our cake flavors are dairy free available.

Nuts Free: All of our flavors are totally nuts free, Here is the list of cake we use nuts for the original flavor.

Here are the list that we use nuts in cake : Carrot cake – Walnut, Brownie – Walnut, Italian Cassata – Almonds.

Our Best Diabetic Cakes:

Our favorite diabetic cake recipes are sure to please your sweet tooth and your blood sugar. We used sugar substitutes and light frostings to keep the diabetic desserts low in calories and carbs. Whether you prefer a rich chocolate cake, gorgeous berry cake, or moist coffee cake, we’ve got fresh, diabetes-friendly recipes that you can enjoy guilt-free!

  • Make a wish! What better way to celebrate another year than with a delicious birthday cake? Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly diabetic birthday cakes, plus delicious treats that will bring out the kid in you.
  • It’s no secret that cupcakes have made a big comeback with kids of all ages
  • For anyone trying to cut down their sugar intake or if you are on a sugar-free diet, we’ve plenty of sugar-free cakes, biscuits, breads and more. You’ll soon discover you don’t miss sugar as much as you think!
  • Sponge cakes are always a favorite. They can be adapted easily and work well in sugar free varieties. Different sugar free fillings can also be whipped up quickly.

Sugar free Desserts:

  • Sugar free muffins are easy to make and great to store. Sealed in an airtight container, they will keep for a few days, making them ideal for packed lunches or snacks.
  • Served cold, they make a great accompaniment to a cup of tea, and served warm, they can be delicious puddings. They also work well when served with cream or sugar free ice-cream or custard.
  • There are a number of ways of making muffins without using sugar. Honey, fruit, jam or granulated sweetener can all be used. Here are just a few examples of what is, in fact, a very versatile recipe
  • There are all sorts of sugar free recipes for anyone who wants to make cupcakes. Most are ideal for both adults and children to follow. These versions use sugar free jam, honey and granulated sweetener instead of sugar

Custom cakes

We specialize in custom designed wedding cakes can create something unique especially for you. Whether you have an exact picture of your style wedding cake in mind, or need some guidance, we’ll make your vision a reality.

Birthday Cakes

Whether you’re celebrating your First Birthday with Sesame Street in the backyard or your 80th with a golf course theme cake at the Treats, we can create either and offer more choices than you can imagine for all the years in between. Please feel free to stop by our store and take a look at some of the previous first birthday cakes, boys and girls cakes, and other general birthday cakes we have created to get some ideas.

If you already have a good idea of what you would like, simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Edible images
New edible images available! Get creative with your birthday cakes. Add an edible image of the birthday boy or girl, mother or father, or friend and celebrate. Send us your pictures and we’ll create a special birthday cake! Call the store for more details!

Corporate cake:

Cakes for Occasions is pleased to offer you a line of delicious desserts, pastries, special occasion cakes and cookies- perfect for your next corporate event, to celebrate a birthday or retirement, holiday celebration, gift giving or marketing initiative.  Our goal is to handcraft unique, flavorful desserts using the freshest and finest ingredients for you to serve to your employees and clients.