Wedding / Anniversary Cakes

Cake Ordering Guidelines

Special Occasion Cakes:

Since 2004 our talented Bakery Team Members as well as Owners/partners Mr.Hameed, Mr.Raj will gladly decorate cakes for any occasion. With 48-hour notice, our decorators will work with you to create a special, personalized cake for your event. We use all-natural Food colorings and have a variety of decorations to choose from. If you need a cake at a moment’s notice, just stop in, pick out a cake from our Bakery case and have a Bakery Team Member write a message on it while you wait.

Sheet Cakes:

We offer a variety of sheet cakes. Please ask a Bakery Team Member for our current offerings.

8” Round (Served 8 – 10), 10” Round (Serves 15-20), Quarter Sheet (serves 20-25), Half Sheet (serves 40), Full Sheet (serves 80), and all sheet cake orders require 48-hour notice.


These are so quick to make, they are a great fall back if you suddenly discover you are short of a sweet treat at tea time. Kids love them because they are so easy to eat and they make great additions to pack lunches and picnics.

Daily Available cakes / Regular Flavors of Cake:

  • Chocolate • Vanilla • Carrot • Cheese cake W/WO Toppings • Vanilla Strawberry • Chocolate vanilla • Brownie • Double Chocolate • Black Forest • Italian Cassata • Other Flavors Depends on Availability.


  • Ganache • Vanilla Icing • Strawberry Jam • Mango Mousse • Chocolate Mousse • Whipped Cream • Lemon Curd • Pastry Cream • Cream Cheese Frosting • Mocha Butter Cream • Chocolate Butter Cream • Vanilla Butter Cream • Lemon Butter Cream • Seasonal Fruits filling • Oreo Cookie Filling • Chocolate Chips • Custom fillings may be available upon request.

Frosting: • Ganache • Vanilla Icing • Butter Cream • Whipped Cream • Fondant • other frosting on request.

Ordering guidelines

  • 48-hour notice is recommended for all orders.
  • Same-day orders available on a limited basis.
  • Call or email for seasonal specialties and consultations.
  • Menu and prices are subject to change. Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Simply choose from our gallery, pick a size, choose a flavor, and select the date you would like to pick up your cake. After you place your order, we’ll send you a confirmation. Send us an email at for more info.

Cancellation policy:

Please allow 24 HOURS NOTICE for cancellations. Cancellations must be made no less than ten (1) business days before pick-up/delivery date.